JUG sul tema "WASP - IoT data life cycle made easy"

Il prossimo 18 Ottobre 2017 Consoft Sistemi ospiterà, presso i propri uffici della sede di Torino, una nuova edizione del meeting JUG dal titolo:

** WASP - IoT data life cycle made easy **

Abstract: WASP is a framework to build complex real time big data applications. It relies on a Kappa architecture mainly leveraging Kafka and Spark. WASP allows you to not waste time with devops and integrating different components because it comes with a full docker layer. It lets you focus on your data, business logic and algorithms, without worrying about tipical big data pitfalls. IoT data is managed and tracked by WASP from the ingestion to the data visualization. In addition you can plug machine learning and deep learning algorithms directly into the stream processing.

Il talk si terrà in italiano.

Consoft sistemi – Via Pio VII 127 – Torino ore 18:30 -21:00