AGILE software development; From B2B to H2H - The article by Stefano Porro for the AUSED Association newsletter

Consoft Sistemi has had the opportunity to write the leading article for the January edition of Aused news. The article is based on agile development methods.

In the article, our colleague, Stefano Porro has analysed the principle problems derived from the use of 'prepacked' processes which are not suited to an economy like ours in which, changes happen with repetitive regularity and where you have to adapt swiftly in order to rapidly provide maximum value to the client. He also explains the advantages of using agile methodologies and describes the benefits in terms of economy and competitivity (ROI, Time to Market) as well as the well-being of people working on the projects. This means moving from a Business to Business market to a Human to Human market.

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Consoft Sistemi is sponsoring Visualize Your World by Qlik

On the 25th of November, Visualize Your World an event organized by Qlik® will be held in Milano. This event is dedicated to the visualization and comprehension of data.

At Visualize Your World, experts in this sector will share their vision of current themes. These include the visualization of data, big data and data governance. At the same time, Qlik clients will tell how to turn significant intuitions into advantages for business.

The event will also be an opportunity to discover Qlik® Sense, the new self-service application for the visualization of data from Qlik which offers users unlimited possibilities to create personalized analyses of data and to explore the relationships that exist between information while revealing existing connections instantly.

Visualize Your World will take place on the 25th of November in Milano from 08.30 to 17.00 at East End Studios, Via Mecenate 90.

Consoft Sistemi - ZeroUno: analyze data to discover new phenomena

Today we find ourselves dealing with new typologies of data: we often talk about the great 'social network resource' but it is above all from the internet of Things that a real revolution is developing. This radically changes the paradigm for business intelligence: you move from a situation in which you used data to measure known phenomena to a situation in which you find yourself dealing with data which you have to collate and combine in order to discover new phenomena.

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