Sign&Go: the GDPR-compliant App that allows the registration of Corporate guests' entrances and exits

Sign&Go ( is a Consoft Sistemi product born from the need to comply with recent regulatory constraints such as ISO27001 and GDPR and allows the registration of corporate guests. To meet different needs - Sign & Go can be integrated with customized features such as multilingual, notice to the company contact, possibility of inserting a photo of the guest with the camera of the device and graphic customizations.


Watch the demo-video


Registration for the service is done online at You can use the trial version without time limits, but with reduced functionality: you can register a maximum of 3 guests per day and there is no connection with the cloud.

With the two forms of subscription (monthly or annual), the features provided are the following: Registration, Management of the administrative component in the cloud, Management of guest access and consent relating to Privacy with electronic signature, Management and choice of contacts, Management of company offices, Visualization of the register of guests filtered by location and graphic customization of the interface.


Sign Go Insert Signature


Sign Go Settings 1


Sign Go Settings 2


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For further info about Sign&Go please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.