Consoft Sistemi leader of the ARCHEM project

In the tourism sector, Consoft Sistemi is the leader of "ARCHEM - Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage in Southern Etruria", the tourism innovation project that also includes companies such as Unindustria, the Municipalities of Civitavecchia and Tolfa, The Adecco Group (Mylia ), Ro Technology, University of Rome La Sapienza, the cultural centers of Tolfa and the Terme Taurine of Civitavecchia and some local business realities.

This project is part of the Lazio Region call "Cultural Heritage and Tourism" funded on POR-FESR 2014-2020.

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The purpose of "ARCHEM - Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage in Southern Etruria" is to use new digital technologies to relaunch tourism in the area, providing administrations with the innovative tools necessary to promote attractions and events, as well as protect the cultural and artistic heritage. ARCHEM will make available, in real time, the data and information useful to define the actions necessary to increase the overall attractiveness of this area.



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With this in mind, the creation of an innovative digital platform is envisaged, which will allow the creation of tourist-cultural routes and a virtual marketplace to be modulated according to the needs of administrations and / or their territorial networks. This will happen through the use of content and technologies, from augmented reality - the central role of Consoft Sistemi. - to sensors for monitoring works of art, from machine learning to data analysis.