Consoft Sistemi leader of the ARCHEM project

In the tourism sector, Consoft Sistemi is the leader of "ARCHEM - Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage in Southern Etruria", the tourism innovation project that also includes companies such as Unindustria, the Municipalities of Civitavecchia and Tolfa, The Adecco Group (Mylia ), Ro Technology, University of Rome La Sapienza, the cultural centers of Tolfa and the Terme Taurine of Civitavecchia and some local business realities.

Consoft Sistemi resells the Adamo system: remote assistance for isolated workers

The remote assistance sector is aimed at all subjects exposed to risk situations who find themselves operating in areas not under the control of third parties and who therefore need constant remote monitoring, which is essential to guarantee their safety. In this historical moment, where many companies find themselves having to manage a small number of employees, we believe that remote assistance can help guarantee the safety of many workers who operate in isolated contexts, in remote or difficult to access places.

Sign&Go: the GDPR-compliant App that allows the registration of Corporate guests' entrances and exits

Sign&Go ( is a Consoft Sistemi product born from the need to comply with recent regulatory constraints such as ISO27001 and GDPR and allows the registration of corporate guests. To meet different needs - Sign & Go can be integrated with customized features such as multilingual, notice to the company contact, possibility of inserting a photo of the guest with the camera of the device and graphic customizations.

A trampoline towards the smart factory

Next autumn, as part of an initiative by the Ministry of Economic Development, with the participation of 24 major companies including Consoft Sistemi, Politecnico di Torino and Università di Torino, the Piedmont Competence Center will be born.

The center will be located at the Lingotto headquarters of the Politecnico di Torino, which will be joined by other satellite sites, with various partners. The Piedmont Competence Center will be a tool to support orientation, training, innovation and technological development, to address issues related to the "smart factory". The Piedmont Competence Center will be aimed at large companies active in the development of advanced manufacturing technologies or operating in supply chains as leaders and able to direct R & D and PMI programs willing to explore the technical and economic feasibility of processes or services innovative support for production activities.

Consoft Leaders of the "La casa nel Parco" research project

LA CASA IN PARCO (The House in the Park), a research project on home hospitalization, has been set up in Turin, carried out by a consortium, whose leader is Consoft Sistemi, formed by fifteen companies, Turin University and Polytechnic, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Fondazione ISI and the hospitals of the City of Health and Science of Turin, Maggiore Hospital of Charity of Novara, San Luigi of Orbassano and Don Gnocchi Foundation.

Consoft Sistemi: Digital Transformation for MSC Crociere

The popular cruise line updates the "core business" systems to offer its customers more complete and efficient services. Consoft Sistemi identified the CA API Gateway platform to meet the needs of integration with the outside world that allows MSC Crociere to control their business operations.

MSC Crociere can now satisfy different needs, from security to API (Application Programming Interface) dynamic profiling, for bookings coming from thousands of branches throughout the Country. In parallel, the platform is also used to implement the integration to external systems, necessary for the completion of the new Bookings process being redesigned.