JUG on "WASP - IoT data life cycle made easy"

Next October 18, 2017 Consoft Sistemi will host a new edition of the JUG meeting at its offices in Turin:

** WASP - IoT data life cycle made easy **

Abstract: WASP is a framework to build complex real time big data applications. It relies on a Kappa architecture mainly leveraging Kafka and Spark. WASP allows you to not waste time with devops and integrating different components because it comes with a full docker layer. It lets you focus on your data, business logic and algorithms, without worrying about tipical big data pitfalls. IoT data is managed and tracked by WASP from the ingestion to the data visualization. In addition you can plug machine learning and deep learning algorithms directly into the stream processing.

The talk will be in Italian.

Consoft Sistemi – Via Pio VII 127 – Turin  (18:30 -21:00)





Consoft Sistemi is sponsoring the Tableau Cinema Tour event

Consoft Sistemi is sponsoring the Tableau Cinema Tour event, which will be held in Milan on October 3 at Anteo Spazio Cinema in via Milazzo, 9.

Get to know the leading Business Intelligence and Analytics solution in the ultimate atmosphere of modern cinema.

Find out how to combine big data, self-service BI and dashboarding to create a data story and develop your business strategy to the fullest. The day schedule and registration form are available at the following link



Break Kill Chain through Privileged Account Governance

On September 27, at 5.30 pm, at Hotel The Square in via Albricci 2/4 in Milan, Consoft Sistemi will present the meeting "Break Kill Chain through Privileged Account Governance". The initiative is organized together with CA Technologies and NetConsulting Cube.

Kill Chain is becoming increasingly popular in computer attacks, often exploiting the lack of privileged accounts management and protection. Poor authentication methods and shared administrative credentials, lack of proper privileged access monitoring, insufficient segregation allowing "leapfrogging" to systems containing confidential data are weaknesses exploited by professional attackers to violate enterprise systems and organizations. At the same time, the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with the massive sanctions, provided for those who do not adjust, will require companies to rethink policy on privileged access and account management.

Kill Chain

In order to deepen these issues and share our experiences we look forward to you on 27/9. 

JUG on "Reactive, Twitter & OrientDB"

Next June 21, 2017 Consoft Sistemi will host a new edition of the JUG meeting at its offices in Turin:

** Reactive, Twitter & OrientDB **

Abstract: Have you ever felt the need to work with large queues of "asynchronous stream datas"?

Roberto Franchini will illustrate, in this live coding session, how to put into practice the principles of reactive programmig using the Twittter stream as a source.

An empty file will be filled line by line, using RxJava and OrientDB.

Consoft Sistemi - Via Pio VII 127 - Turin from 18:30 to 21:00

Consoft Sistemi sponsors Piemonte Digitale 2017

Within the overall program DIGITAL ITALY 2017 offers a Regional Edition entitled "Piemonte Digitale", that which take place in June under the High Sponsorship of the Presidency of the Piedmont Region and with the involvement of the Regional Departments, Local Authorities, Territorial Associations, Universities and Science Parks and with the participation of representatives of the economic, industrial and financial ecosystem of the territory.



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