Mission, Vision & Value

Our company claim reads "Every day something new" and, in order to confirm it, since our foundation in the year 1986, we had the company Mission and Vision clear in mind, and we are proud of our Values, which leverage on people and their ideas.

It is thanks to these elements gathered together that we lead the Digital Transformation and we help companies to anticipate the market changes.


Our Mission

We want to be partners of our customers, create mutual and continuous value together and propose ourselves as a reference point for innovation.
We design and develop cutting-edge professional IT solutions, creating end-to-end solutions for our customers, through technological and methodological consulting, training, implementation of integrated solutions and delivery of services in insourcing / outsourcing.

Our activity is supported through the following four main items:


We propose ourselves as a partner to our Customers to create mutual and continuous value together


We submit to our Customers the winning ICT solutions to best satisfy their needs


We always seek the innovation that is our "fuel" to propose new technologies and solutions


We are a team of experts who base their success on collaboration and integration


Our Vision

Our Vision follows all our activities, outlining the necessary actions to continue the constant growth.

We guarantee skills and technologies at the service of our customers in order to create business value.

We intend to strengthen our presence at national and international level and to increasingly qualify our offer on innovative and forefront topics.


Our Values

We are proud of our company's long history; during which our people have always contributed to the success of Consoft Sistemi. Our mission and our vision create a corporate culture permeated by specific values, meanings and ways of thinking shared inside the company. Values that determine the behavior of our teams, both inside and outside Consoft Sistemi.

  • Youth: we believe in the talent of young people and in the freshness of their ideas. We constantly insert young people, who undertake personalized growth paths, in our organization.
  • Continuing training: we have set up the Consoft Academy which, with a rich training proposal of not only technical courses, offers ours employees a free service of continuous refresher.
  • Equal Opportunities: we promote the principles of equal opportunities through the implementation and dissemination of gender policies, the fight against discrimination, the fight against homophobia. We believe in the strategic value of diversity: since 2010 we are founding partners of Parks - liberi e uguali (Global Inclusion through LGBT Inclusion) and we have adopted an Organizational Model and defined a Code of Ethics aimed at preventing and counteract possible crimes.
  • Consoft Sistemi group supports the Save the Children initiatives. (downoload the aknowledgement)
  • Dynamism and change: the company claim is "every day something new" and this has become part of the company's DNA that pushes us to propose to our customers / prospects technologies, methods, processes and architectures always oriented towards innovation and dynamism.
  • Specialization: we believe in the specialization of our professionals for whom and with whom we have established the Consoft Academy that offers insights on issues of interest.
  • New business ideas: we stimulate and encourage the proposal of innovative ideas (through competitions and Hackathon) to transform them into new business projects such as Caretek srl and Kupata srl.
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